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when a <3 can be </3

26 October
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name: kayla
location:polk city..it is off 33
school: AHS
music:pretty much everything. i like everything from bright eyes to slipknot to frankie J
hobbies:i like to go see local bands play,go to the beach, working out, dance, skate, and my new thing is surfing...not very good yet but it rocks!
race:I am cuban/indian/itilan
I love pop tarts
I make A's but im not a nerd
I have 17 bathingsuits
I run almost every stop sign on my street
People somtimes think i am a lesbo *im not*
Every self tanner turns my skin orange..so i dont use them
The sun makes me smile
I do 200 sit ups a day but i still dont have abs
I work out to Richard Simmons when i am bored
My brother is my fav person on earth
Most of the time I laugh when someone gets hurt
I wax instead of shaving
I love pictures even though i dont have many
I have stolen from walmart
People call me goth when i dont even wear black
I think girls start to much drama
I think *true love is a fairy tale*
I think one person can change the world
I Love living in Polk City
I think I am using *I think* too much
I hate sterotypes
I hate when people say they are fat when they arent
I hate rumors
I think diet pills are stupid
I think clothes should be free :)
I think alot of bands are slacking in their music *cough*NIN
I hate it when people say they cant afford new clothes when they can go to salvation army and get them for 25cents
I love school
I hate school
If i could pick to have a hamburger or a hot guy i would pick the hamburger
I paid $60 for a shirt in georgia
I love skating
I love road trips
I have a nextel
I live with my grandma
I work at a tanning salon
I am going to TCA next term
I am gonna be famous oneday
my aim is : xdokay
I love Arizona Green Tea
I love to dance
I love little kids
I love pre-made layouts
I love organic foods
I love Silivia Brown
My "son" Chadler is my life
I drive a sport explorer
I love to laugh